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Muito bom!

O jogo é muito muito bom


Muito bom

Mt bom







its a very fun game the only issue is its been relatively the same for about 2/3 years i use to play with my cousin all the time especially during the summer but we stopped bc well life lol.. anyways we downloaded it again for old time sake and idk its pretty much the same nothing major has happened to it the format is the same and no new worlds they did add some new maps for multiplayer and some new guns one other issue is we couldnt even play together, my cousin and i we only were able to make a private party but its no fun when its just us no one would join so yeah thats my pov other than that its really fun and passes time nicely

Only one thing

Please add a refund system i bought the rhino and not as eccspected add this please.




I gave this a five star because I have so much fun with this game! Best I have ever had👏🏼

Great but...

I love this game and I have been playing it for awhile but there are some things that in my opinion need fixing... I think that you should not lose trophies for losing a match because you may be placed with a weak team or against an op team which leads to my next reason. You should be placed with opponents you exact level it ticks me off that I play against players that have unlocked weapons that I haven’t unlocked or that buy weapons for 100s of dollars. That leads on to my next reason you should acquire a sum of XP when buying gems to place you with a higher level when buying gems or coins in large amounts. Another thing I would love to be able to do is try out any gun and item in a mini game similar to the arena mini game. The last thing I would like to say is that players should have another way to acquire gems than the lucky chest which hardly gives you more than 3 gems or buying gems for either large amounts of money or small amounts for tiny amounts of gems. Thank you Cubic Games for reading this and I hope you take my opinions to mind.

Needs to improve

The only changes that will make me want to play this game is the following changes -crack down on hackers and online daters -improve trophies system so you don’t loose the trophies if you stay in a match -End re-textured guns and make gems easier to earn so people won’t have to always waste money on this game -make pixel gun 3D not look like a rip off hybrid of Minecraft, CS:GO, and PUBG/fortnite by changing the looks and physics of the game. -Remove battle royale mode because it’s just a cringe gimmick gamemode and will probably get you sued by PUBG since they try to get rid of battle royale games like them. -add more fan created guns like the dead star. -nerf half of the fricken guns due to OP stats like the anti hero rifle and the pet dragon -bring back some old guns like wizard wand and the big buddy but nerf them -REMOVE THE SANDBOX MODE!!!! There are internet predators there and it’s bad -armor makes the game unfair and so does the gadgets. -restore all data when re download the game instead of guns and other stuff. -add more maps I might edit this but these will probably make me play the game again. But until then, I’m not playing

Bro What The Heck 2nd review

I think this is a prey dumb situation, you either leave the game or you turn of your device, it takes away your trophies well that’s not fair. I had a lot of trophies before I left this game a few years back and I had 300+ coins and gems when j get back it took all that away. I Don’t Appreciate This

The only problem

I rarely write reviews but this one is important because I Cant sync my progress from another device,and I’m really good on my iPad so I wanted to sync my progress to my iPhone so I think this is a problem that the developers should fix because I think there’s a lot of people out there that have iOS devices that need this so I recommend the developers to insist my idea.

Lucky chests are rigged

The lucky chests are rigged, you only get gems and coins

Needs just one thing...

Ok. Ive been playing this game on and off for a long time. And the reason why i stop playing is because no matter what I try (or look up) you cant restart or log out of your account. Plus, for some reason it doesnt seem to tranfer a whole lot from the cloud. I have 2500 trophies, im on level 22, I have a lot of pets a good armory. BUT I HAVE ALL THE GENERIC GUNS THAT COME WITH THE GAME. And NO coins or diamonds... WHAT? So now I have to lose trophies for losing because A., I havent played the game in ages, B. I have no weapons. I have to compete with people who have the best guns.its not my fault that I cant log out of restart my account, and I cant fix the fact that for some odd reason I get everything I had before except for money and guns. I literally hate this game. Other that that I would rate it a fat 4/5


This game is amazing


No complaints nothing I would change


Okay I’ve been playing for about a year or so and this game has gotten terrible. Y’all need to go back with the old school make everything to where it was a lot better and stop copping other people. Like seriously. This game is pretty much scuffed. I have problems such as gun problems. Y’all need to fix that so there aren’t too op guns. Like when the old game was in there were no guns that were actually better than anything other than the old marksman or the Auto peacemaker. The maps bring the old maps back y’all either need to come up with good ideas or bring back better ones. The rewards. When it was back in the old game you would get like 500 coins like at the Red Bull. Yes I know what the bull was I was an old timmie gamer. I got it when it was a paid game. Don’t make the game sooo paid to win. Like seriously. If it wasn’t paid to win you’d probably have a lot more players. Stop copping Fortnite. Like if you were to compare fortnite with y’alls Battle Royale it’s pretty much the same concept and y’all probably got the idea of gliders and trails from them. Like at least fortnite didn’t copy PUB-G. All in all make the changes if y’all don’t I’m going to leave. This is not the game I want to spend time on if it’s going to be like this. I’d rather play fortnite but I’ve played this game for sooo long and I just can’t stop. And yes y’all have had good times but still please stop this. Make the game better by coming up with new ideas not old ideas. Ok. Please I’m begging you to change it. It would make all my friends get back on the game.

Up date pls!


Pixel gun 3D

Cubic.games I love your game Pixel gun 3D for the next update you should remove gems and only coins like in the old version


Hello this is my favorite game but I sometimes get tired of it because it’s repetitive

This is trashy

My first time playing this game was kind of fun. However upon using the loot box 6 times every single time you either get, 3 gems, 5 coins, 3 coins. Upon entering a game my phone crashed even though I specifically cleared space for this game. The gameplay is fun. However the co trolls are wonky and unreliable. Mixed in with tons of micro transactions and even more bugs and glitches this gameplay doesn’t save it. If you see anything by these developers ignore it.

Love It

I love it my friend thinks he will get banned but don’t ban because he has a good gun and good Aiming at the gun so don’t ban him people think he will get banned but don’t ban him because he is good aim his name is pro real and a zombie skin love pixel gun 3D!


I got this game a while ago because I wanted to see what it was about. Since then I have been playing ever since. I highly recommended playing this game!

Pixel gun is the best

Hey the creators are reading this thank you for making this game I love it I play it every single day for like two hours that’s it and that’s all I love this game

Great game

Would recommend I just have a few recommendations. 1. I think the Hero should have a 2x scope. 2.Charge guns should be easier to hold the charge while looking around. 3. I think you should be able to try out guns against zombies/training dummies right before you buy them. Please take these into perspective Ive recommended this game to people and they loved it to!


The best game ever but please make a n AR15 and a termanator that does 12 damage and an AK47


I have a account from 2013 and I updated and have nothing please help I spent a lot of money and love this game but everything is gone. I lost my heavy shotgun, state defender, automatic peacemaker, Armageddon, dragons breath, stinger, and many others. I am also a few levels back but have more gems and coins but I only have about 30 coins and 20 gems my account is called TheBest. My clan is The Diamond Guns5555 and my second account is TheBest2.


I love it! It’s totally awesome ! I’m level 18 my name is silver bullet

Please fix this

In the battle royal mode I would love it but now it seems to kick me out and put me back in the lobby it happens when I’m landing, when I landed, and when I find something op or grade legendary. I gave this 5 stars in hope you will fix it


This game is awesome

Fun is what matter

Ok I got to play this game and I played for 4 years straight so I think what matters is to have fun and have a good time and just because people have a higher level doesn’t mean they can kill you one day you might be lucky and beat them to pixel players


I really would give it a five star, I really would. I got this game about three years ago. Back then, everything was balanced. There was no such thing as over-powered weapons. Back then, Pixel Gun was actually fun. You could build skill easily, and get new weapons just as easily. Of course, no game could remain amazing forever. I downloaded Pixel Gun after a few months, just wanting the joy of playing again. Instead, I've noticed a change. There was homing weapons, one-shot splash damages, and resurrection. These homing weapons and splash weapons made it harder to aim correctly. The one-shot weapons were high priced. Resurrection was a cheat. I have also noticed that this was a pay to win game. Yes, you need skill too, but it was mostly on those weapons. Us free to play gamers actually had to work hard into getting our weapons. The point is, Pixel Gun is unbalanced now. I try to have fun, but the players that have too much fun with resurrection and over-powered weapons never fails to destroy my happiness. I really love Pixel Gun, but the changes left a foul taste in my mouth. The only thing I can do to win, is to use the one-shot weapons. It makes me feel bad to use over-powered weapons instead of skills. It feels wrong. I just think Pixel Gun could have been better. This is now a pay to win game.



Is absolutely horrible

Pay to win AF, horrible matchup system luck based BULL ****

AMAZING!!! But...-Unlimited3D

This game is so addictive but there should be a God’s Staff. It should send a shock wave that stuns all enmities for 5 seconds and takes away 5 health from the enemy. Since it’s amazing, the cool down is 2 min. You should put it in the tool section. It should also be 210 gems. Please send me one if you want. Thx and plz add it. My ID number is 139716111.👍👌

Amazing got 50 gems from a chest

So, randomly today I was just opening chest and then all the sudden, I got 50 gems 💎 and I was like WHAT, WHAT THE, I was like lucky me .-. So happy I got and also I had one complaint I lost my account it wouldn't log into the account , now what was I saying, So thanks for this amazing game play it everyday 😄 also there's a bug I'd like to report, so I 2 matches with a guy and I only got 1 chest for some reason I really like this game I'd like it to be fixed, thank you and the developers bye 👋.

Pretty good,but needs some changes

I think they need to make the price for guns more cheap because it’s kind of hard to get coins unless you finish a round.So I also think they should make it easier to get coins.

Copy of Fortnite.

I just watched the new ad for this game. I used to love it. But now it’s just a rip off of Fortnite. Because you want more money... For example... the chest is copied for Fortnite, so is the umbrella thingy... this game is stupid and it’s sad that ppl like it. I would give zero stars If I could

Pixel gun 3D is amazing

You can make friends. Mini game madness (means cool mini games) . Teamwork. And most of all Battles

used to be a good game

I really don’t like the game anymore because it tried to copy the fortnite vibe, and since you did that the game takes up SOO much space now. please remove that

Really Guys?

First you pull every P2W game ever and make old weapons obsolete and repeat that every week or two, then you add a battle royale, nice one devs -_-

A huge waste of time problem

One I love this game it’s wonderful but the problem is when you self destruct in capture flag it takes all your time of capturing your enemies flag it takes it away from you and it says “people who left gives them credit instead of your self but I love this .game but you should change this thing

Make a black hole gun.

It would be great


The shotgun is broken


I am coming to you PG3D to come with an important message about the game. First is whenever I spin the wheel it ALWAYS and I’m not exaggerating. Second how come whenever you lose a match you loose so many trophies. Third how come you can only join a friend if their on the same level as you. Fourth how come all the weapons cost so much and it’s hard to earn money 🙄. thank you PG3D please fix these problems because other than that it’s a good game! -notice me plz I’m sure other costumers have these problems as well

Some problems please fix

Every time I open a lucky chest I only get 3 coins or 3 gems unless I get very lucky I get a skin. I have literally never gotten a gun or anything else. Also, we should get more coins for winning! The highest amount of coins I got for winning is 6 coins. There should be more ways to get gems because all the good weapons are bought by spending gems. So, cubic games, please fix those problems. Otherwise I think the game is very fun and awesome and I give it four stars!


Y’all really need to get rid of resurrections

It’s so glitchy

Every time me and my clan mates are about to start a siege as soon as it starts the match my game crashes. I’m really regretting playing this game if it keeps happening. Fix this now


Love everything

It needs better chest luck

Every time I go to open a chest, 99% of the time, it’s gold or gems, and the best thing I got out of there, was a skin editor, but otherwise, great game, and I’m a big marvel fan so I’m glad you added skins like Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, and Hawkeye

This game rules

It’s great and all but it needs CUSTOM hats and boots!

Gems and coins

Make challenges so you can get Gems coins

Bad Aim

I shoot my gun then it was line up with the player but it goes the other way then hitting the player.

Best game

This is awesomeee

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