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I luv this game so much! But just continue making updates. Im almost maxed out and I need u guys to make maybe 5 more weapons. But other than that I luv it!

Plz re-add

Plz re-add the d-day map, it was my favourite map!!!

Best gun game 2013-2017

Best gun game in the store

Really good

Me and my little brother all the time what a great game.


This game is amazing if I were you I would play everyday in fact I play everyday.

Its cool

Im not a average player I play once or twice a week because its very hard to get coins.

Good but not as original

Overall this is a great game but all of the original maps arent there anymore, almost all.

Best game of all and Ive played a lot of games.

Im really proud to see the improvement of the game. I cant say much because there is nothing to fix. Maybe dont put such valuable items in the daily treasure box as this can make the game a bit easy. Otherwise I really love this game above others and I recommend it to everyone who wants some fun and memories .

Best Game Ever

I wAs playing this ever since it came out, I loved it, now I love it even more because there are better guns and better EVERYTHING!!! Love the game hope it gets better

What have you done to this game, I just re installed this game and its bad, or at least not as good, plz bring back everything that you have taken away

good game

Besides what all the other comments say i personally disagree. I dont get addicted to games but this one is really good.


Its a fun game but I cant seem to login to google

Amazing game! 4/5

This game is an amazing game, is has variety, it especially has creativity with the monsters and guns, but one thing I suggest is to fix the constant graphic glitches and bugs. Not a requirement, just a suggestion.


Sometimes when I kill someone it does not count as a kill on duel mode !!! Someone please say something I need help.

I love this game, BUT......

I love this game, but I think it could be better. For example, I would LOVE it if there was a better, faster way to get gems. And their are SSSSOOOOOOO many hackers that it makes the game less fun. Like, you have people who cant die, or people who are level 15 or 16 and have all guns. Its not fair for the people who actually work towards getting bug in the game.a new gun. ( as hard as it is already) Also, thought you might want to know, I found a bug in the game. Whenever I go to sandbox, most or all the players are wearing the Newbie skin. Plz fix. Otherwise its a very fun game.

I want my stuff just plz!

Hello, I love this game so much but I got a new phone I wanted to get my coins and diamonds by cause I worked very hard for them and I made purchases for them I tried to restore purchases and it wouldnt work I had about 987 coins and 346 diamond I would like them blue plz thx!!! :)

I Love It

This is my favorite game by far! Im just struggling with money.Keep up the good work Rilli Soft!

This game is fun to play what else needs to be said.

Old Maps?!

I have been playing for YEARS and I loved the map Science Lab, it was my favorite for the longest of time. I would like if you could put the list maps back into Pixel Gun 3D please. -+h3 Pr0 P.S. Thank you

Its pretty good, but....

I think it could be improved a little bit. I think the game should have customizable maps and weapons. Also, you know how you can get free gems, but you have to watch an ad? Well, it only gives you 1 (one) free gem. I think it should give you more. Thats all for now.

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